Agua de Jamaica

Here’s a quick one for the weekend: hibiscus flower agua fresca – the most vibrantly colored summer drink since the invention of “Red #40”, just redder and better for you, no artificial coloring agents involved; just dried, rehydrated and steeped hibiscus flowers, that’s all there is to it. In Mexico, where this drink is from, hibiscus flowers are called flores de jamaica, funnily enough in Denmark the same flowers are called hawaii flowers – I guess one exotic place is just as good as the next when you’re living far enough away…

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Elderflower Syrup

Elderflowers are magical things; they sit in big clusters of tiny cream-colored blossoms that light up an otherwise unassuming bush. When you walk by on a warm day or after a rain, their fragrance can make your head swim – it’s addictive. Like a bee you want to stick your nose in and have more. The flowers manage to smell both sweet and earthy and light and fresh at the same time – maybe that’s their secret.
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