The weekly Post-It Note

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Inside the door of the kitchen cabinet that is home to our oldie-but-goldie Gaggia (that sadly suffers from severe calcification at the moment and refuses to make more espressos for those in need) there sticks a post-it note every week that has the days of the week (weekends are free for all, more creative, everybody has a say – and an opinion – about what’s for dinner) and dinner plans on it, that I stick to (pun not intended), mostly. It facilitates shopping (I’m brain dead when I’m at the store without a plan; that and being hungry while grocery shopping are a loose-loose combination: none of the things that we actually need make it home with me, but all of the things that I felt like, instead…lunchbox-limbo: bread? Let them eat cake!) and it takes the “what should we have for dinner tomorrow” out of the dinner conversation today. It also helps to keep the protein situation in our freezer at a manageable level; amazing and completely unexpected, how frozen chicken breasts seem to have a second lease on the after-life and migrate from shelf to shelf just to confuse me…

We like to eat all kinds of different foods and the Post-Its help me to keep track of myself and not cook italian noodles, thai style rice noodles and japanese soba on consecutive days; even my easy-going kids will start to ask for something else than pasta if I keep that up for too long. The post-it way, there’s a chance for me to make a rice based dish, or slip in some tubers in between. That said, it’s always good to have a plan B that doesn’t include anchovies, green (or red, or yellow) chili paste, cilantro or other potentially dangerous ingredients that Felix’ school friends that sometimes stay for dinner and that are careful eaters, won’t feel too weirded out to try.
Post-It’s are the thing!

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